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If you have an inquiry about when your order was shipped or will be shipped, or if you want to report any problem with your shipment, please do NOT contact the payment processors, e.g. 2Checkout.com. Instead, please contact:
Customer service: cs@feminecare.com
If you write to a payment processor, your inquiry will NOT be read but be treated as a billing problem. To sort this out, you will later likely have to communicate with your bank, which may or may not include the requirement for you to actually go to the bank. This may cause a further delay in the processing of your order or inquiry.

An example of what can happen: on day 1, you place your order; we would normally ship on day 3 or 4; however, on day 2, you placed a very simple inquiry with the payment processor on when your shipment would arrive. This then may cause a formal investigation on whether your order of day 1 was intentional or not. This will then open official communication with the credit card company, and you may be required to visit the bank to confirm in writing that your order was actually meant to be an order. This is very complicated and totally awkward, but this is how payment processors work in the age of computerized "customer service".

For the above reason, if you have any inquiry on your order, or if there is any problem with it, please communicate with us, NOT with the agents of the credit card company, even if your payment confirmation contained an email address under which to contact the payment processor.
The best email address to contact us:
Customer service: cs@feminecare.com

You may receive order confirmations or shipping notifications through email: cs@feminecare.com, depending on how your payment was processed, but if you want to communicate with the customer service of Global Bioscience, the following email address will establish direct communication with human customer service.
Email: cs@feminecare.com

Here now details on shipping modalities:

We ship FemineCare from Indonesia.

The following FemineCare orders are shipped from Indonesia: all Asian, Australian, North America orders.

Shipments from Indonesia are by EMS courier to all countries to which this option is available (this includes the USA). EMS is called Express Mail in the US, and Speedpost in Singapore, Pos Laju in Malaysia and a number of other Asian countries.

In all cases, what we term as EMS is the courier service of the postal services. Usually, your local post office also functions as your local Express Mail / EMS office.

To the following countries, we ship by EMS: USA, Algeria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Canada, Egypt, Hongkong, India, Iraq, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Macao, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, China, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sudan, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Europe.

To the above listed countries, we cannot ship as ordinary airmail. We only ship be registered airmail to countries that are not included in the above list.

If the order volume for a delivery to countries not included in the EMS list above is above 500 US dollars, we ship by DHL courier, and shipping by DHL is included in the price (this offer, however, excludes African and South American destinations).

Shipments by EMS courier, DHL courier, FedEx, or registered airmail to countries other than the US, Canada, and Europe will have to be signed for upon receipt. For shipments by EMS (Express Mail) or DHL, we provide a tracking number, and the whereabouts of a shipment can be checked online. Please see below for the EMS online tracking sites of various countries.

Tracking Number :
For order ship via EMS, please try the tracking only four days after you received the tracking number. The national EMS tracking sites will provide information only from the time your shipment has entered your country, which usually takes four days.

If you can see that your shipment has cleared customs, or after about 6 days, you can call the Express Mail department of your local post office and ask when the parcel will be delivered. You can also ask when and where you can pick up the parcel yourself (in case you should not be at home at standard delivery times).

Please do not request that we send by ordinary mail (for which one would not have to sign) to countries that do have EMS service, as we cannot send to these countries by ordinary mail Delivery times would be more than one month, and there is a high likelihood that the package will get stolen or lost, either in Indonesia, or along the way to the address.

You can track your shipment online through the following URL:


(click on Track & Trace in the top bar; on the subsequent page, you will have to check "Incoming international parcel")

(the 13 digit tracking number has to be written without spaces)


(delivery is usually very fast, about 4 days; the fastest has been 2 days only; but over Christmas / New Year, it can take more three weeks)


(click on Track & Trace in the top bar; on the subsequent page, you will have to check "Incoming international parcel")


(In the left lower part of the page, select "le suivi de Chronopost International" from the pulldown menu "Nos services en ligne"; the site loads slowly because of Macromedia Flash overload)

(since the Deutsche Post has bought DHL, the tracking for EMS shipments to Germany has been integrated on the DHL homepage; click on "Track & Trace Express"; the tracking site will then open in a pop-up window… unless you have configured your browser not to open any pop-up windows; delivery can be as fast as 3 days)



Japan (in English)
(may not work for items sent from Indonesia)




http://www.poste.ch/db/owa/spi_trace_p_pack.pr_main?p_language=en (English)
http://www.poste.ch/db/owa/spi_trace_p_pack.pr_main?p_language=fr (French)
http://www.poste.ch/db/owa/spi_trace_p_pack.pr_main?p_language=de (German)


(you can try, but the last time we checked, tracking from Indonesia has not yet been provided)

If a shipment is lost (which has so far only happened with shipments to the US), we send a replacement 30 days after the initial shipping date. We do guarantee the arrival of an order, even if that means we have to send more often than twice.

If your order hasn't arrived within one month, please send us email.

Please include the following information: EMS tracking number, initial order number, your name and shipping address, and the kind and quantity of the product you ordered. For a replacement to be sent immediately, all of the above data is needed.

Once you have received the shipment, please notify us at


Logistics Manager,
Global Bioscience



FemineCare have been licensed in Indonesia after extensive laboratory examinations. and they are 100% herbal, legal anywhere around the world and NOT a dangerous goods. FemineCare categories as Food Supplement. FemineCare is not a prohibited or controlled substance anywhere in the world





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